In view of Dr Reza's comprehensive training and depth of experience, patients can be assured that they are receiving the highest level of care possible when restoring tooth or undergoing a full mouth rehabilitation

Dr Reza Shah Mansouri

DDM, BDS, DClinDent
Otago NZ
Specialist Prosthodontist

Dr Reza ShahMansouri

DDM, BDS, DClinDent Otago NZ, Specialist Prosthodontist

Dr. Reza is a registered Dental Specialist (Prosthodontist).
He is a member of the Academy of Australian and New Zealand Dental Prosthodontists. He provides quality prosthodontic services to the community. Each patient can be assured of quality dental work at the right price and the best value for money.

Dr. Reza strive to provide the highest standard of treatment through two decades of experience and ongoing/continuing professional development.

Prosthodontists are general dentists who complete at least an additional three extra years of full time specialty training at an accredited university to gain the advanced knowledge and skill needed to restore unhealthy and damaged teeth. A Prosthodontist often coordinates a team involving other specialists as required to ensure optimised treatment from the most experienced and knowledgeable professionals.

Our work involves evaluation and diagnostic work-up of your teeth, gum, muscles, bite, joints and aesthetics. This is followed by a written treatment plan which will include all the available options for your restoration needs, maintenance of oral function and/or aesthetics associated with a missing tooth/teeth. Dr Reza’s focus is not only on appearance but also function, comfort, and long term maintainability of all restorative treatment. He provides state-of-the-art care. Read more about Dr Reza HERE



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