Dental Services

Dr Reza Offers general and Prosthodontics dental services in Perth, Western Australia.

Prosthodontics is the area of dentistry involving the diagnosis, treatment planning, rehabilitation, maintenance of the oral function, aesthetics and health of patients with clinical conditions associated with missing teeth, deficient teeth and/or compromised maxillo-facial tissues using bio-compatible substitutes.
Prosthodontists often co-ordinate a team involving other specialist practitioners as required to ensure patients are receiving treatment from the most experienced professionals.
You may be referred to Prosthodontist if you require treatment for any of the following situations:

Dental Implants

Single tooth
Multiple teeth,
Implant supported (single multiple)
Implant assisted (implant and removable denture)

Cosmetic Dental procedure

Smile designed
Gappy smile
Teeth whitening
Discolored teeth


Complete denture
Partial denture

Restoration of tooth / teeth

Fillings, Crown / caps
Inlays & onlays
White or gold restoration

Teeth surface loss

Teeth wear
Grinding teeth
Teeth grinding
Bruxism, erosion
Occlusal splint

Full mouth rehabilitation

Fixed or removable
All on 4, 6