Perth’s Leading Prosthodontist

Dr Reza ShahMansouri
Dr Reza Shah Mansouri
DDM, BDS, DClinDent Otago NZ, Specialist Prosthodontist

Dr Reza completed both his undergraduate and his specialist Prosthodontic degree at the University of Otago, New Zealand. He has worked within private clinics here in Australia and in New Zealand for over a decade; both in team environments and solo.

These experiences have enabled him to become highly trained and experienced in clinical and cosmetic dentistry. He is a member of numerous dental associations and organisations such as the ADA, APS, AANZP, ASE and DDSWA.
Dr Reza is committed to meeting each patient’s individual requirements. He truly listens to his patient’s concerns, encouraging them to discuss their situation whilst striving to deliver the highest quality of dental treatment that is most appropriate in maximum comfort. His aim is to provide optimum cosmetic results in addition with quality oral function allowing his patients to experience the most beautiful and confident smile they have ever known.

Dr. Reza provides quality prosthodontic services to the community. Each patient can be assured of quality dental work at the right price and the best value for money. He strive to provide the highest standard of treatment through two decades of experience and ongoing/continuing professional development. In view of Dr Reza’s comprehensive training and depth of experience, patients can be assured that they are receiving the highest level of care possible when restoring one tooth or undergoing a full mouth rehabilitation. His work involves evaluation and diagnostic work-up of your teeth, gum, muscles, bite, joints and aesthetics. This is followed by a written treatment plan which will include all the available options for your restoration needs, maintenance of oral function and/or aesthetics associated with a missing tooth/teeth. Dr Reza’s focus is not only on appearance but also function, comfort, and long term maintainability of all restorative treatment. He provides state-of-the-art care.


A Prosthodontist is experienced to manage numerous complex dental issues. All available treatment options are discussed in detail with the patient after diagnosis. The Prosthodontist will then commence to improve the patient’s oral function and aesthetics as per treatment plan. This may include, although not limited to, altering the height of teeth, reconstruction of natural teeth and replacement of missing teeth with various types of substitutes.


A Prosthodontist is a specialist dentist. After completing a degree in general dentistry, another degree must be obtained in Prosthodontics. It is one of thirteen dental specialities recognised in Australia. Prosthodontists gain further experience as they treat patients in this area every day after completing specialised training. Hence they are the preferred professionals to consult for the Prosthodontics treatment.


Missing one or more teeth
Interested in dental implants
Removable full or partial dentures
Wear fixed dentures
Have worn, cracked and/or damaged teeth
Would like to improve the aesthetics of your smile


Dr Reza welcomes anyone wishing to improve their smile in any shape or form. Though he receives many referrals from dental professionals, you don’t have to have one to make an appointment.